Visual Art

The studio arts program is taught by art instructors, Ms. Richards and Mr. Marriott. The art studio is available to students at lunch with prior approval.. The work produced by students throughout the year culminates in an annual art show, “Out of the Blue”.

Our visual artists have had their work exhibited at the Ministry of Education offices in Victoria, at the BC Teachers’ Federation building in Vancouver, at the Arts in the High Country Festival and SD#73’s annual secondary art show (Sagebrush Theatre), and in the NSBIA’s Festival of Banners. They have also exhibited at The Hamlets.

Westsyde’s artists also painted one of the 4 murals at the Superstore in Sa-Hali. Four schools each painted a season illustrating the theme of “Live, Work, and Play in Kamloops, BC’s Friendliest City.” Our season is Winter. Each mural is 8 feet high, and 16 feet long, and they flank the entire wall as one comes up from the underground parkade. They are permanently installed in this space. Our artists are currently involved in an ongoing mural painting project at The Hamlets.

The following Visual Arts courses are offered at this school:

Visual Arts 8
Visual Arts 9
Art Studio 10
Drawing & Painting 10
Sculpture 10
Photography 10
Art Studio 11
Drawing and Painting 11
Sculpture 11
Graphic Arts 11
Photography 11
Art Studio 12
Drawing and Painting 12
Sculpture 12
Graphic Arts 12
Photography 12

“The aim of art is to represent not the outward appearance of things, but their inward significance.” -Aristotle