Fine Arts Requirements

These are the Fine Arts Requirements for Grades 8-12, according to the School Act

Grade 8 and 9

Each school year, a board must offer to all students in kindergarten to grade 9 an educational program that meets the learning outcomes set out in the applicable educational program guide in Arts Education (Dance, Drama, Music, and Visual Arts)
*Refer to the provincial government website for more information on this legislation: file:///C:/Users/srichards/Downloads/m295_95.pdf

Graduation Requirement (Grades 10-12)

In order to graduate, a student must earn a minimum of 4 credits in the Fine Arts and/or the Applied Skills subject areas as outlined in the Graduation Program Order. Refer to the BC Ministry of Education website for more information: file:///C:/Users/srichards/Downloads/m295_95.pdf

Fine Arts courses offered at WSS that meet these requirements:

Drama Music Visual Art
Drama 10 Choir 10 Visual Art 10
Acting 11 Choir 11 Drawing & Painting 10
Acting 12 Choir 12 Sculpture & Ceramics 10
Directing & Scriptwriting 11 Concert Band 10 Art Foundations 11
Directing & Scriptwriting 12 Jazz Band 10 Drawing & Painting 11
Theatre Production 10 Concert Band 11 Sculpture & Ceramics 11
Theatre Production 11 Jazz Band 11 Printmaking & Graphic Design 11
Theatre Production 12 Concert Band 12 Art Foundations 12
Technical Theatre 11 Jazz Band 12 Drawing & Painting 12
Technical Theatre 12 Guitar 11 Sculpture & Ceramics 12
Guitar 12 Printmaking & Graphic Design 12
Photography 10 (possibly in 2017-18, but is a BAA course until then)
Photography 11 (in 2017-18, but is a BAA course until then)
Photography 12 (in 2017-18, but is a BAA course until then)

*Photography is offered in Grades 10, 11, and 12, but it is a Board Authorized Authority Course. In September 2017, the new Photography courses written by the Arts Education 10-12 will be in place.
The Ministry of Education encourages school boards to offer locally relevant courses to meet the needs of schools and their communities while providing choice and flexibility for students. In order to count for credit toward the provincial graduation program, a locally designed course must meet requirements set by the Ministry of Education, as outlined in the Board Authorized Course Order, and be approved by a school board.
There is no limit to the number of Board/Authority Authorized (BAA) Courses that may be used as part of the 28 credits of electives needed to fulfill graduation requirements.